Use Tier As Template

So, a common approach to a subscription is having wording that says the member will get all rewards from the previous tier and…

When adding a new tier, this can become unwieldy as I have to add access to everything from the previous tier manually. It would be nice if there was an option to use a tier as a template (essentially duplicate access to stories/community posts and schedules). I’m not sure the best approach programming-wise, but this would be 1000% easier on the author users and prevent new tiers from missing out on content they realistically speaking should have access to (like missing a random story or losing access to all previous community posts when they upgrade).

Hi authordanielleforres!

I can see how that would be beneficial to authors who have more than a few stories to add to a new tier. I’ve added this to the engineers’ feature request list for consideration in a future update.


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