what to do with different drafts?

this is aimed at my fellow writers who do multiple drafts of their stories.

How do you handle having multiple drafts of your stories on Ream? (if you do) do you create a new book for each drafts? do you simply update the chapter and let your readers know? some other process?

I’m a two draft type writer who tends to dump everything at his supporter’s feet, but I’m trying to ‘work cleaner’ on Ream, since it’s a change to recreate the image of the kind of writer I am

I update chapters as I revise. If the revisions are major (story elements change, new scenes added), I mention it in the author’s note and also say something in my next community post. If it’s simply copy edits or line edits, I mention it in my author’s note (“This is a draft. Last updated: MM/DD/YYY”) but don’t mention it in community posts.

For my draft, I usually put a “band” across the cover that says “WIP/Draft Access” as well as putting “(WIP/DRAFT)” in the story title and also mentioning it in the description.

When I have the final version, that gets posted as a separate story–actual final cover, no notes anywhere that it’s a draft. I let people know that they have another week to access the WIP/DRAFT version, and then I will be taking it down.


Multiple copies of the same stories will be confusing to readers. Just update your chapters and indicate that it’s been revised since [date].

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