Why can't we turn off auto formatting

I uploaded my manuscript directly from Google. Everything in the editor looks fine. My dialogue is SCRIPT FORMAT. I don’t want or need indents. Hit publish, and everything turns to pooo. Indents all over the place. My dialogue is not in script format and gets pushed to the left edge. And there are added spaces between nearly every line.
View the images.

Hi osa519,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve had difficulty uploading your manuscript.
We always recommend a 2nd step before uploading your manuscript (in any format) to Ream for best results.
The details can be found in our help guide here: How to Upload and Format a Manuscript on Ream - Ream Help Center
Most of the time, this step removes any formatting collisions and leaves you with your original results.

You can always contact our Support team at support@reamstories.com if you have any additional questions.
Thanks again!

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