Category Topics

Introduction to Ream

This is the spot for any general questions about subscriptions and Ream. If you want to access your Ream Dashboard, our help guides, and educational resources visit our Ream HQ by clicking here:

Feature Requests + Future Updates

Got any features you want to see on Ream? We do not have a public roadmap since we are a small team and like to take feedback from you all directly on what you want to see next. We will let you know if we are working on the feature and when you can expect it as well as hear from others on what they’d like to see on Ream :).

Issues with Ream

Experiencing a bug or technical issue with Ream? We can help you troubleshoot and solve this issue together :). In addition, you can always reach out to our support team at

Creating and Launching Your Ream

Are you just starting your Ream? We are here to guide you through the process. Whether it’s a question about how Ream works/what’s possible to do inside of it, or how and when you should launch your subscription.

Payments for Authors

Helping fiction authors make more money with subscriptions is our biggest goal. If you have questions about payouts, fees, payment gateways/processing, or anything else related to payments on Ream, this is the place to ask.

Managing Your Ream

Whether it’s publishing your stories or archiving old tiers, this is the place to ask all your questions about managing your Ream.

Successes and Struggles

Had a success on Ream that you want to share? Or are you struggling to gain new subscribers? This is the place to chat about your highs and lows and garner support from fellow authors.

Marketing Your Ream

Paid members are how you make money on Ream. But how do you find readers who pay you monthly for your work? This is the space to share tips, advice, and questions all about getting new subscribers on your Ream.

Ream for Readers

Are you a reader that found your way to the author forum? Welcome! This is the space to chat about everything reading on Ream. Whether it’s questions about the reader experience or looking for some new great reads on Ream.