Unpublish whole book

Under publishing, there’s an option to publish all chapters. But there should also be an option to unpublish all chapters. Going through unpublishing a book with 200 chapters one chapter at a time is really time consuming, when time could be better spent writing or something.

I know one shouldn’t be randomly unpublishing when one has subscribers, but the option should be available, and it could be with a cautionary message, something like: “Are you sure? Make sure you don’t take away from your paid subscribers. Make sure to notify them first” - give them time, give them a reason.

Perhaps the following could be built into “Unpublish All”: if there are no subscribers to the tier(s) the book is on, then it can unpublish right away. But if there are subscribers (at least who haven’t finished reading the book), there could be a delay factor of, say, a week (or less), with an automatic notification going out to subscribers that they have a week to finish reading it before it’s unpublished.


I don’t intend to unpublish whole books, but I know anyone going into KU once they finish serializing a novel will want to be able to do that, so I think it’s a good idea.


Also, in particular, imagine if one has accidentally clicked on publish all, what a headache it would be to undo that without an unpublish all button…

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We have had a few reports of this… unpublishing is coming soon! We added Delete All to make deleting super easy this week. So unpublishing is one of our steps coming soon :slight_smile:


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