Allow current subscribers to see tier description

I’m a subscriber to an author’s service. Last month, I considered upgrading to access her higher tier benefits, but found that I could no longer see the tiers with their benefits listed. I could still upgrade, but without the information about what was in the tier, I got frustrated and ended up not upgrading.

I just was reminded about this experience today and wanted to bring this up.

Current subscribers should still have visibility to the tiers and their benefits. This has many benefits:

  • A user may go to a lower tier instead of unsubscribing if they keep the benefits that are most important to them
  • A user who wants to upgrade can see all the benefits and pick the best plan for them
  • A user can see what the current list of benefits for their tier is



Totally! This is something we are implementing soon and will be adding it to the “Information” page of someone’s membership so they can easily see it all there. When someone upgrades within a story, they already see all the benefits of upgrading there. We are just rolling that feature out across different places in the app :slight_smile:


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