holy moley can we please fix these ASAP

Look, I appreciate the fact that Ream is still in its infancy and has a small team. I understand new things are coming soon and etc, etc, but there are two huge issues that are driving me nuts.

  1. None of the links in the emails I receive from Ream work, including (most importantly) the ability to unsubscribe or modify which emails I’m getting. Even the promotional links don’t work.

note: This is true for multiple emails I’ve gotten - every time I click on a link it says “mailserver.reamstories” something something error.

Note: I’ve since logged in to the site and gone into Settings and hopefully that’ll fix the deluge of email I’ve been getting. But it’d been a lot nicer to do it with one click FROM inside the email.

  1. Why do we need separate logins and passwords for the forum? I realize you’re using Discourse for the forum, but there’s got to be some way to transfer over existing passwords/logins because I’ve seen other websites do it.

Anyway, I had to jump through QUITE a lot of hoops in order to write this post.



Hi there, and welcome to the Ream forum.

You’ll be pleased to know the bad link issue has been resolved, so the emails you receive will have related hyperlinks that are active.

We’re sorry to hear that you’ve received so many unwanted emails from Ream. We have a lot of information that we love sharing, but you can either change the type of emails from your Settings page, as you said, or you can click Unsubscribe at any time.

We understand that having many passwords is a pain point for a lot of people, and we have some upcoming ideas that we want to put in place, that will affect how you access the forum.
This is why the Ream forum will be staying the way it is for at least the near future.

Thanks for your great questions!


Look, I definitely appreciate the kind response, and you folks seem friendly, but Reamstories is nowhere near ready for PrimeTime.

I wish you all the best, and I’ll check in with you again in six months.

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