Subscriptions + pay per view (long term feature)

Just putting this out there for long-term dev consideration, aka, pie-in-the-sky feature:

I’d love a way to offer BOTH subscriptions (people pay monthly for access/support) and pay-per-view, aka, where readers use micropayments for each chapter read. I imagine it as some kind of button where a non-subscriber could choose to pay, say, 25¢ to read a chapter immediately.

  1. This could be set up under the reader’s setting, where they enter payment info that they can use to pay subscriptions and pay-per-view charges.
  2. I imagine it would be best to have a payout threshold for authors, such as, once I get $5 in micropayments collectively they would be processed and paid out.
  3. Maybe it would work as readers paying $5 for a “pot” of micropayments they can portion out over different stories?
  4. Obviously this would be opt-in for authors, they can chose to offer pay-per-view or not on different stories.
  5. It should include a way for authors to reach out exclusively to our pay-per-view readers with offers/funnels to get them to subscribe instead.

I know 25¢ doesn’t sound like much, but my latest story is 58 chapters - if someone actually decided to pay-per-view for early access instead of subscribing, they would end up paying $14.50 for the whole story. I imagine some readers might want to do that rather than commit to a monthly charge.

Anyway, just throwing this idea out into the ether! :smile: