Customizable emoji reactions

I get that a lot of authors are writing steamy romance, and maybe a few who aren’t are writing stories that take place inside volcanoes, suns, or the desert. But I have no need for the :hot_face: emoji on my stories.

It would be awesome if we could choose 5 emojis for our stories, or at least turn off ones that feel a bit inappropriate for our brand. Or just open it up to allow users to emoji react with whatever they want.

The one I’m personally missing while reading from my favorite author is the surprised face! I would be using it a lot, so maybe she dodged a bullet with that one. :rofl: Either way, every time I comments with a surprised face, I give that :hot_face: emoji the glare of death.

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Certainly can’t say no to this! :hot_pepper: :volcano: :icecream:

It’s on the feature list!

Fun fact… did you know you can copyright emojis?..


Ok, im done :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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