Allowing Readers to Choose/Opt-Out of Particular Story Notifications

Hey, so I have an idea for a feature that I haven’t seen mentioned in the forum yet…

My Ream has 2 tracks of tiers that then later combine in the higher tiers. One track contains my steamy books, the other one non-steamy, but once you get to the higher tiers it’s just everything.

It would be great if readers were able to say “I only want to hear about these particular stories” or even “I only want to hear about stories under this tag from this author”, and then I could tell them if they wanted to opt-out of a certain type of story from me to just mute that tag, or series, or whatever.

So readers who really don’t want to read the steamy don’t have to.

It could be just for stopping email notifications, or it could even be to hide the stories on the author’s page when viewing.

I don’t know how possible this would be but I think it could be a good feature in general (and not just for folks like me who do this silly 2-track system :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ).


The Ream team has mentioned in the past someday being a replacement for an email list, and your point here brings up probably the most important part of that concept for me. Namely, to allow people to be notified of everything (and only the things) that they are interested in.

I post every few days on the community board. I update stories up to 5 times per week. That’s a lot of emails/notifications if someone only wants, for example, to be notified when their favorite story updates on Thursdays.

Great post! Thanks for bringing this up!


Great points! I’m afraid when I do multiple things on the same day that people will tune out the emails and not come to the community to interact. Or that the emails will get filtered as Promo or social by email servers (since there are so many and they aren’t responded to) and they won’t see them at all (I’ve had this happen with gmail for groups I’ve volunteered for when sending fewer emails).


Great suggestion, espcially for authors writing different series or in multiple genres. Substack has that feature as a toggle button for email or no when an author has multiple sections in their publication.


Seems like the best way to do this is to have a follow button for every story. And maybe a follow all button for an author so users can choose to follow specific stories or all. This could expand to posts as well. Allowing types of notifications that they receive.


Yes, this would be a fantastic feature. It would be good if we could group books into one more groupings for like series, characters, etc. by tagging that would then let the subscribers mark which ones they wanted to be notified about. I have a lot of fans like one of my three series but not the others. They have often asked me to split my newsletter into three separate ones so they could unsubscribe from news about the other series and only get notified for the books they like.


I think this is very doable. We can certainly look into building something like this out. Would essentially be like having segments/groups in your mailing list. I like it!


Hi katjevanloon!
That’s a great idea, and eventually both authors and readers will have more tools at their disposal. They are coming in a future update, and we’ll be sure to add select notifications.
If you’d like to keep an eye on upcoming feature updates, you can bookmark our help page here: Ream Help Center | What is Ream working on next? Does Ream have a public roadmap? Thanks!

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