Searching for Genre labels

Right now, Ream has a category labeled LBGTQ+. A more common label would be LGBTQ+, which is an abbreviation for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and more. I always type in lgbt when searching, so at first, I thought Ream didn’t have this category. When researching which is correct, according to GLAAD, the generally preferred spelling is LGBTQ+.

I think the current spelling will cause a lot of readers to miss the genre.

Also, we could use a way to add “and” or “not” in the search terms? Such as:
science fiction AND romance
science fiction NOT romance


As someone who is BTQ+ (because nonbinary falls under T) I fully agree. The order of the letters actually has meaning. The L comes first specifically because lesbians were the ones who cared for dying gay men as Reagan ignored the HIV/AIDS epidemic, so they are acknowledged and honored for that in the very acronym covering the larger queer community.


Also, I agree that some sort of and/not search would be helpful.


Is there an update for this scheduled? Readers will type LGB… and it will come up empty. They will think gay material is not available on Ream. This is an important distinction and a needed update.
The preferred order is LGBTQ, and it would be really helpful it read LGBTQIA+ because this means Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual and the + is for anything not covered under these.
The equivalent to this is if you spelled a genre wrong. Readers looking Historical would not find books under Hstorical. The letters need to be in the right order. As someone who writes this material, I know how important being able to find it is.

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Thank you for this correction!

We actually have the full Amazon book categorization list, its huge, so I think it was a typo.

I will let the techs know, as for an update on more genres, we sprinkle those in with each update. We’re trying to add those as needed instead of flooding it.


Right now readers aren’t able to search by genre on Ream-- as you likely have seen. This will be coming out in the next 30 days and we will be updating our categories to match that :).