TAX Forms availability

I realize we need to make over a certain amount to get Tax Form 1099-MISC, but I would like to see in my account my total earnings to date, and by year, for tax reporting purposes. Where is that?


Hi VeraNazarian!

Ream (Stripe) will only issue 1099’s if certain criteria are met.

You will receive a report of your gross revenue that you can download directly from your Stripe Dashboard if you are an author set up for direct payouts.

If you are set up for Ream Managed payouts at this time you will have a unique link hosted by our payment partners where you can download your gross revenue receipts at the end of the year.

Here is our help guide on income tax filing: Ream Help Center | Income Taxes on Ream

Please see the Stripe information page on 1099 tax forms here: 1099 tax forms eligibility for Stripe Express : Stripe: Help & Support, particularly the table about midway down the page.

Thanks for the great question!

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