What does includes physical goods mean and how to get mailing addresses?

In the tiers at the bottom, there is a check box that says includes physical goods. What does that mean? And what does it do?

But, if I want to send a card or something to my members as a surprise bonus or something how do I get their mailing addresses?


  • Leeland

It just means that there will be mailings of some sort. I believe you can see the addresses in the member’s list for those who subscribed to that tier that includes physical goods.

Selecting that drop-down prompts users in that tier to provide a mailing address.

Is there a way to make providing a mailing address optional?

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Hi lartra,

The option to add a physical address is always optional for the subscriber, but not the author. They can opt out or back in at any time.
We suggest that if you plan on sending something in future, to select that option just in case and then subscribers can decide if they would like to participate. Thanks!