Why are all my stories showing up for ALL my pen name pages?

I have multiple pages in Ream and when I create stories they get “assigned” to the page that is currently active. But, why when I’m on a page does the stories dashboard show ALL stories for ALL pages intermixed? I’m afraid I might accidentally put one of the stories on the wrong pen name page.

This is a great question! We do this to make cross-posting of stories easier for authors. However, the story is not automatically published to any of your pages. When you go in to the publishing section of a story, it will show you which pen name you are on and the tiers you have made stories available to. This way you can utilize cross-posting when you want but not always. We will be utilizing a similar database architecture for making some really cool things happen for author cross-promos in the future and collaborative tiers :).


Could you make it so we can opt out of this? There is currently no way to organize stories, and using multiple pennames is my way of separating my brands. If I see all the stories when I’m signed in on any of the pages, everything is just going to get cluttered. I have no intention of cross-posting so this “feature” is more of an annoyance to me.


Yes, please, add some form of separation.
I know it’s an oldish thread, but I’ll join to what Ansela said. I need to just be able to view the stories of the page/pen I am currently on, else my anxiety will SKYROCKET.

Context: I just tried the new page feature because I’ve wanted to add my erotica stories (completely different pen/don’t want them mixed AT ALL), and was kind of horrified when I saw all the stories from my other pen were there. :disappointed_relieved: I noped right out of the new page.
It’s both clutter (since I don’t want them mixed at all, nor do I want to cross-post), and also anxiety-inducing (since I don’t want to click the wrong thing and post to the wrong pen). :scream:


Ya, this has still not been addressed. In fact, I’m thinking I’d want to create separate pages for each of my main series (I have 3), and it would make things a lot less cluttered. But I want to have some kind of shared tier that gives access to different pages for one price. This is a pretty complex task and would require very careful implementation. For now, I’d be happy with just having carousels or some kind of grouping so each series could have its own row.

The weird thing is that while stories under both pen names are combined, payout is not. It would actually be great if the opposite were the case (combined payout, stories separated by pen names)


Hi Ansela,

We are aware that the layout of the Stories page has become a pinch point for authors after adding the Multi-page feature, and we are looking at ways to make that more user friendly in a future update.

That’s a great suggestion (combining payout views for all pages - perhaps into an exploded view option for each pen and then an aggregate total. I’ve added your suggestion to our engineering list for consideration in a future update.

Support Team Lead

I am going to ad my name to people who want their stories separated by Pen names. That is, after all, the point of pen names. so that stories will only be under one identity. as things stands now, the clutter is not only distracting, but there exist the possibility of publishing a story to the wrong pen name.

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