Achievements! Pt2

I made a part one in the reader forum.

In conjugation with part one, give each author the ability to create like 1-2 achievements for readers to earn. So an author can make an achievement for say… Finishing their main series? Being part of their Alpha/Beta team? Reaching 100 community comments?
But they have to be obtainable for all/most, not just the favorite subscribers.

Also, Ream can make secret reasons to dish out a higher achievement limit for authors…
+1 for being a OG author.
+1 for reaching 1/2/3 years.
+1 for doing something plain awesome.

Completely understand that this is a down the road feature if Ream does it, by no means is it more important than basically anything else.


I love this SO HARD. I mean, we can keep track and then send rewards (digitally, or actual merch like coins or stickers) but having an in-app rewards/badges system would be amazing!


This is such a cool idea!

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