Add support for opening links in new tabs

(Apologies for what might be a double-post, but my original has been stuck in Pending since the beginning of June so I’m worried it’s got stuck.)

I imagine this is a side-effect of the tech stack not supporting it by default, but I would love it if right-click interactions (i.e. to open links in new tabs) could be supported on Ream.

I quite often need to be able to do this in, for example, the following situations:

  • I’ve gone to edit one of my stories, but need to check something I’ve said in a community post. Currently I can only do this by opening a new tab and navigating to the page myself, or clicking the button in my open tab and losing my place.
  • As a reader, I’m searching through new stories in the discovery section and want to open a few to look at later, while keeping my search open

Lots of websites with similar tech stacks have the same problem and it honestly drives me round the bend. E.g. Inkblot’s functionality is so crippled by this that I’ve just given up using it entirely. So it would be really great to have this support.

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Hi Katherine!

As we discussed via email, we’ve added your great suggestion to the engineer feature request list for consideration in an upcoming release.

We really appreciate users of the platform taking the time to suggest ways to make processes easier for everyone. Thanks again!

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