Manual Bookmarks

So the auto bookmark feature works as intended, but sometimes it’s a too good. So when I flip back a few chapters to read reread a quotable moment, it follows, messing up my actual spot.

I can think of two ways to fix this;

  1. have a “Last page read” bookmark that is always fixed on the furthest part of the book I read, in sync with the progress bar.
  2. Manual Bookmarks! But have them be a nice little picture indicative of the book/author I’m reading.

I understand #1 is easier than #2 to create, but #2 is more fun!

PS: I have a follow-up to #2 I’ll post in a bit.


I’d absolutely love #2. I’m always going back and re-reading so being able to manually mark where I want to start back reading AND being able to mark passages I may want to read again later… Both amazing.