Reader Links - a needed update

I love that we have reader links to use in community posts and elsewhere. But I realized when I included the link to my first installment in my Welcome email that none of the story description or the cover are shown (unless they scroll UP, which they won’t know to do). That means that before reading, they will not see my content notes (about racist language and sexual abuse).

I could move the content notes to the beginning of the first chapter. Anyone reading the description wouldn’t see them then. And it would look strange to duplicate it. I guess I might try moving it though. I’ve already wiped out all my existing reader comments by making changes anyway (see separate suggestion about fixing that).


Agree. I would love a link to the story and not an episode. Another case is when I update a story and share a link in a post, I don’t want to link to the new episode because I don’t know where the reader is in the story. I also don’t want to link to the first episode for the same reason. I know Ream asks the reader if they want to go where they read last, but I don’t know if that happens in every circumstance or for direct links. Something that takes them to a story page is better.


We will definitely create story links! Having readers have a seamless experience to discovering and navigating stories on Ream is important to us. As for holding their place-- Ream always asks readers if they want to pick up where they left off when linking to a specific story.


I heartily second this.

AND I would like an easy way to link directly to posts on the Community feed. I’m trying to work within the current system to organize rewards for my subscribers by creating a Story that’s basically an index that would then link to the posts that contain the actual rewards… but I can’t find any way to find the post link. I know they exist, because, as a follower for other authors, I’ve clicked on the “see post” button at the bottom of emails, and there I am. Could we please get a way to access these links? Like hyperlinking the post title to the unique post link, or something in the Edit field that lets us copy it?

Pretty please? :slight_smile:

ETA: After posting this, I did find a way to get the permalink, but it’s a little hidden and more clicks than I think should be necessary. I’m updating this post in case anyone else is looking for it too.

  1. On the Community post, click “comment.”
  2. In the bottom right, there is a “share” icon. Click on this and you can get the permalink.