Biweekly by date option, or multiple monthly schedules option PLEASE

Very simply, I want to release a story to a specific tier on the 7th and 21st of each month.

At this time, I cannot do that at all.

The “biweekly” option is only for days of the week (for instance, if I wanted to post every other Tuesday) and the monthly option is only allowing one schedule per tier (I can schedule for a tier to have a monthly release on the 7th, but if I try to create a second monthly schedule for the 21st, I get an error message telling me I already have a schedule set for that tier).

It would be great if I could choose multiple dates for a the monthly schedule, but being forced to pick one date and not allowing me to set up a second schedule for the second date is very frustrating.

I’m open to any work arounds.


The only work around is to schedule each one separately and not make it a reoccurring thing.

BUT! this is great input as we are working on a better scheduler that is hopefully as awesome as the ideas we are putting into it. So I am passing this on to our senior coder.


Thank you!

I was thinking about it and thought a simpler solve might be to add a “bi-monthly” option where authors can pick two days of the month? Just throwing that in the mix. :slight_smile:

There are a few ways to dice it depending on where your from!

Like for me, many jobs I’ve had pay Bi-Monthly. They pay on the 1st and 15th, or 1st and 3rd friday, or every other monday (Which isn’t really bi monthly, but they called it that!) but those work as different schedules even though they are Bi-Monthly. So we plan on using less interpretive verbiage, but it’s good to be reminded to offer by day or by date.


I would love to see this, too. It wouldn’t be helpful to me YET, but it would be in the future!


Yeah I feel like borrowing concepts from Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar would be helpful.

Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 3.30.23 PM Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 3.30.09 PM


YES!!! THAT!!! That would be AMAZING!

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Wait? What? How can you schedule something in advance without it being recurring? I’m still learning so I hope this doesn’t have an obvious answer that I’ve missed. I thought you had to choose weekly, biweekly or monthly for scheduling so could only publish one-offs using the “publish now” button. Related suggestion for scheduling: When we’ve got a story to release to several tiers at once, it would be helpful if we could select multiple tiers in that schedule.


We are coming out with an entirely new “simple scheduler” which will make this easier for you. Then for those who want to use the more advanced serial fiction scheduler (the one we have currently) that will be an option too.


Throwing my request in here: I serialize my work at a pace of two or three chapters per week. I’d love to be able to do that. I had no trouble doing it with the other subscription site I was on.

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