Scheduling issues

Ok, I know y’all are working on this new scheduling system. But I figured I’d bring up this bug just in case.

A couple of weeks ago, I ran out of my buffer on a story. I then uploaded a bunch of new episodes and set all four of my tiers to get 2x updates per week.

At the time, all 4 tiers showed that they would be publishing those episodes on the same day, and all have the same update schedule.

When I checked today, the tiers were out of sync. Two tiers had only 2 left in the queue, while the other two tiers had 3 left in the queue.

I’ve fixed it, but I’ve noticed this before. I’ve just always assumed I was remembering wrong. But this time, I wrote it down.

For my future reference, as of right now, all tiers show updates for Nov 21, 25th, with Magician Intern 1 episode behind (and an additional update on Nov 28). I’m planning to load more episodes today.


Question: were they scheduled to go out at the same time? I’d seen that somewhere in the forums and I think changing it so I didn’t have anything scheduled at the exact same time fixed this. Still a scheduling issue, but might help as a work around.


That’s good to know! I’ll give it a try and keep my fingers crossed. Thanks!

So, I just noticed that most of my stories are failing to go out properly. Having them scheduled to go out a different times of the day was working before, but now it’s not.

So I may have figured out why I’m having scheduling issues. I do a book of the month, where I schedule out one of my books then take it down at the end of the month.

It turns out that there is what I assume is a glitch that causes published chapters not to remove from the Queued state (they still have the checkmark), so if they are unpublished and there is still an active scheduler, it will just reschedule the same chapters over and over again. I just had to go through and delete every scheduler I’d created in these BotM stories and unpublish all the chapters for the second time.

I had assumed that once a chapter had been published through all the available schedulers that it would revert to the unqueued status (like all other schedulers I know of), but it doesn’t.

Scheduling chapters on Ream has been an exercise in frustration. I’ve had problems with the time zone not being what the scheduler says it is, chapters not posting, and so on.

Honestly at this point I’ve given up using the scheduler entirely, and I’m going to manually publish my chapters, which is a pain. The alternative is that my content doesn’t come out in a consistent way, which is far worse.


I am now forcing all my chapters to go out manually. None of publishing automatically using the scheduler. It just constantly pushes them back further and further.


I have also been having scheduling issues. It just keeps pushing the dates back for when the next chapter will be published. Three times so far it’s just not worked. Going back to just manually publishing for now instead of trying to figure out what is going on. I am glad I am not alone in experiencing this, I’ve been thinking this whole week I’ve been messing something up.


Same here. Having to babysit my stories is not fun. At least I only have one updating right now. I have a second story starting updates soon, and I’m not looking Forward to having to babysit that as well. :weary:


I have 4, one of which publishes every few days. Fortunately, most of mine only publish on Fridays so I have a reminder to check it.


And now all my schedules disappeared… I haven’t heard any announcements about updates to the scheduler so not sure what happened…

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Check your email! I got a notification on the new scheduling feature update today.

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