Change of schedule

Is there a way to change/edit a schedule without having to set up a new one for the selected tier-chapters? If not, I’d like to see that option added.


Seconding this. It’s especially frustrating because of you already have episodes queued that have already published for that tier, you have to go back and either publish them or unqueue them.


Yes. And an easier way to pause a schedule that doesn’t rely on unqueueing everything.


All of this is great input!

Is there anything else you’d like to see happen with the scheduler? I’ll add it to the feature list to work on.

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Checkbox on every chapter so one can select which chapters to do an action on instead of having to do them individually. E.g. I want to schedule these 10 chapters (out of say 100); or unpublish them, or unschedule them; publish them to a tier; publish them to more than one tier; unpublish them from a specific tier; reschedule them… Yeah, that’s all I can think of at the moment.

I don’t remember if I’ve posted this in a separate post, but I’d also like to be able to view a list of which chapters are published per tier, just like the scheduler displays them. Right now it’s difficult to get an overview of which chapters are published per tier because if I have 6 tiers, I’m going to see 6 chapter ones, 6 chapter twos, 5 chapter threes etc. depending on what has been published thus far.

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I don’t know if this would be helpful for anyone else, but a calendar view might be nice so I can visualize when chapters are publishing, perhaps color coordinated by tier or something.


Oooh, yes, I second that! Calendar view would be immensely helpful. Makes it a lot easier to visualize the frequency of chapters. Also, in this view, the tiers could be color coded vs the each book could be color coded.

Perhaps that should be a toggle choice which color coding to use; or maybe books are color coded while tiers applied to them are pattern coded (randomly applied according to app)? For example, Book 1 is red, Book 2 is blue, Book 3 is green. Tier 1 that is serialized at fortnightly is crosshatched; Tier 2 that is serialized weekly is diagonally striped; Tier 3 that is ebook format is solid.

Book 1 serialized fortnightly is labelled red crosshatched; serialized weekly is red diagonally striped; and as ebook solid red. Book 2 ebook is solid blue and Book 3 fortnightly serial is crosshatched green.

That way each is easy to identify whenever they occur in the calendar. Plus there’s a filter option as well, per tier and per book, in any combination.