Improving Reader Notifications

I love the in app notifications for Ream, but not having them marked as read has become a pain point.

I leave quite a lot of comments on stories I love. And my favorite author is so nice, she responds to all of them. She does this in batches.

I love this and I want to see every comment in context, but when I go to my notifications, it looks like this:

As I hope you can see, it’s very hard when I have 2+ screens worth of this to know which ones I’ve clicked and not. :sweat_smile:


Indeed, and if we can’t get a “read” status, it would be great to provide the first 10 words of the reply so the reader can recall what they’ve already seen.


We are adding push notifications inside the Ream app and updating notifications soon. Expect an update this quarter on that which will majorly improve this :slight_smile: