Issue With Adding Address to Reader Profile (Canadian, Postal Code)

Hey there! So I was trying to add my address to my profile so that it’s there for a future date when I might support authors with physical rewards. Also, knowing how to do it means I can help my subs troubleshoot.

I discovered a big issue: it wouldn’t let me save my address at all, saying the postal code was wrong. It didn’t work with the space (properly) or without (improper, but often how it’s done online). And yes, the postal code is correct for the address I put in (and has been in existence for a while).


Very likely this is an issue with something in the software checking for “validity” of postal codes but using parameters for US Zip Codes (not the first time I’ve run into this issue).

However, something I really want to see fixed as my only subs at this point are all Canadian!

Especially as it won’t work for Canadians to use a “close enough” postal code – the postal code is the most important part of our address when sending mail, and actually denotes quite a bit of information to the mail carriers. If you don’t have it, you may as well not send whatever mail you have. It’s unlikely to reach its destination. (Redacted: rant about how that’s already the norm for Canada Post and they need all the help they can get.)


We have an update going live very soon that will fix this problem! So sorry about this! The update is already complete, just waiting to finish a few new features before we push it live. This should be fixed in the next few days for sure!


Update is live now :slight_smile:

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