Issues with screen reader

I often read using accessibility mode so that I can hear the words as I read them, which helps me process information. I decided to try it with Ream so I could catch up on my favorite stories.

The issue is that the screen reader reads the paragraph, then when it “reads” the comment block, it doesn’t just say “comment”. It actually reads the whole paragraph again and then says “comment”. So it effectively reads every paragraph twice, which is pretty annoying.

I am very sorry about this experience but super grateful for you sharing it with us. We will get on fixing this ASAP!

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What specific screen reader are you using?

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This should be working. You may have to scroll up to get the formatting bad to reappear above the header. Let me know if it works!

I tried the screen reader I use on my PC (some kind of chrome extension), and it works fine. I’m not usually on my computer, but I wanted to see if it was only my phone having the issue.

Where I was having the trouble was using the built in accessibility screen reader for Android.

I’m on a Pixel 6 Pro, Android 14, using the “select to speak” function in accessibility.