Pictures in Chapters

People are visual so I would really like to have the ability to manually add pictures into my chapters. This would be super helpful for bonus content and would also be a way to add extras into my chapters that aren’t in my ebooks. I don’t think this feature needs to be something that is in the auto uploader, just when manually adjusting a chapter.


We have plans to add it to both! No exact timeline on this yet, but it’s on our roadmap and this is great insight. We totally agree with you!


Hello! I wanted to pop in and second this request. I share recipes created by my characters. One of the bonuses I offer is a monthly recipe which I’m adding as a new chapter. I’m trying to figure out how to share a photo of the recipe for my subscribers, and for right now I will use the community option to share a photo. Thank you so much!

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Here is how you can share images in chapters. 1. Insert the image inside a Google Doc. 2. Copy that image from Google Docs. 3. Paste that image into the Ream story editor. This will be visible to you and your readers :slight_smile:


Awesome! I can’t wait to try this!

So, I gave this a try, and at first it seemed to work great. I was able to paste in the image and it was great.
I then saved the chapter and went on to another edit.
Then I went back to the chapter where I added the image…

and it’s blank. The entire chapter is gone, and it just says “Start writing”


I am looking forward to this too!

In the meantime, I put the images I wanted to use regularly in a folder on our website and made a quick reference page that I can use to copy and paste the images from where the image sizing is preset. So far, it seems to be working as expected, though I’ll be curious how much the bandwidth adds up to over time.


Is there any update on the ability to add images to chapters? I see nearly a year ago it was in the works. I have a story that is a collection of my historical research. I don’t want to do them as community posts - I like to have all my historical snippets in one place so readers can dive in read them in whatever order snags their interest. On Patreon, I can add an image that is relevant to what I have researched, and in some cases is necessary to understand the item. I can’t do that on Ream (its one of the reasons I have kept my Patreon page).

I would love an easy way to insert an image. The add it to google docs, then insert the google doc into the chapter seems like it may or may not work?


Hi Tilly,

We’ve actually made a help guide for this, as we haven’t yet released our image update yet (it’s being bundled with another big release later this year).

The Help Guide includes some tricks that other authors have found that work in the meantime. These are unofficial 'tho so may not work for everyone. Give them a try!