Request: "Read More" for community posts

In many blogging platforms, you can use a “read more” tag (something like so that the first paragraph or so of the post shows, and clicking “Read More” expands it.

I plan on posting short stories, deleted scenes, etc, related to my main books as content that is locked behind tiers. I have been planning on posting them to the Community page. Some of these deleted scenes and short stories can be up to 6-7k words, which is a lot to scroll past if you are looking through the Community page for a specific post. And some of them are SPICY.

I would love to be able to have a paragraph explaining “this is a deleted scene, I deleted it because of YXZ. It’s a bit spicy, so don’t read without making sure you’re alone!” and then use the “Read More”, and then post the actual deleted scene. The reader can then choose to keep scrolling without fear of seeing SPICY stuff when not in a place that they feel comfortable doing so, and just so they can scroll to older posts they might actually be looking for.

If this already exists, please point me to it. If not, is it on the roadmap?

Thanks so much!


Hi Dax!

This is a great suggestion so thank you for taking the time to add it here.
There have been similar suggestions, and those have already been added to a future update. I’ll include the particulars of yours as well.

Unfortunately I can’t give an exact time frame of when this update will be released, but you can certainly check up on us occasionally here:

If you have any other questions, you can always email my team at Thanks!

Hi, Dax,

I thought I’d share the solution I came up with for keeping my shorts organized. I just have a “Story” that is a collection of shorts. Since each chapter in a “book” can be shared to different tier levels, I share the individual chapters to those who have paid for access to them. The first “chapter” is an index page explaining how the collection works, and with links to the individual stories. All of mine are available to all premium tiers, but I have another collection (same idea) for art, which are available for variable tiers. On the index page, I just indicate which tiers have access, but they would hit a paywall as soon as they click if they don’t have access. You could also separate your content within the Story by spice level, or mark it on the index page by spice level.

I can then actually make the index page free for Followers or Public, which would allow other people to see what they could access inside that collection if they paid for it.

Of note: For the Gallery collection, I actually put those posts up on my Community feed. However, I link to the posts inside the Gallery (with different story worlds for the chapters inside the Gallery collection). Again, if they click on something they don’t have access to, they’ll just hit a paywall. But then, someone who wants to see what Gallery posts or items are available can just browse through the collection in the Story without having to scroll past a million posts on my feed.

So far, pretty much all my other posts on my feed are updates or broadcasts, mostly for all tiers. I give a monthly summary post of the goodies that have gone live, and then I can easily link to the Shorts or Gallery collections so people can find what’s new.

I hope this helps!

P.S. I just re-read your post, and I see your concern is also about the notifications people receive and reading them at the wrong time, wrong place. This won’t help with that aspect, but it will certainly make your Community feed easier to manage.