Publications / Author Collective Subs

I saw in your intro book that Ream has something for author collective subs on the roadmap. Publications are by far the most powerful tool they have on for gaining followers. How far off is this, assuming it’s still on your radar?

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It is very much on our radar still and considered a key feature for the future of Ream. As for a timeline? I know we are trying to have it out in 2024, but we cannot be sure.
It wouldn’t take long for us to make a manual version where the Ream Team crafts each collective sub, but we want authors to be able to join together and make their own without having us hold their hand. We want authors to have that atomamy.

So check back in…6 months?


Our next update is multi-page, which allows authors to create and manage multiple pages. It is a first step in this direction, so we will keep building towards this :).