Re Updates (in-app notifications & follow)

A huge thank you to the Ream Team for the latest updates.

I’ve noticed that I now have a notification feed in my Ream app. SO handy!

And I also see the Follow button, which I assume will act as our “free tier”. Can’t wait to share this with my mailing list!

I didn’t see these announced anywhere. Do you have a specific place you announce releases and new features?


Yes. I was shocked byo see I had 30 followers. Thank you REAM!

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Super excited for the followers feature! However, I notice I can’t make a community post public? IIRC, that was an option before. Now you can only make posts available to followers or specific tiers.


Hello everyone!

I just wanted to mention for this topic, that all subscribers are also followers but not all followers are subscribers. Meaning that posting community messages to followers gets it to free and paid readers alike. Posting to just certain tiers excludes the free followers.

Ansela touched on it but I’m sure others were curious, glad you like the update!


But will we be able to post messages to the non-follower public tho? I’m sending folks over to my Ream, I’d like them to have something to see to get a feel of the platform without having them sign up

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If you post to Followers, that includes everyone free and paid.

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Including non-followers? I want casual browsers to have a look and get a feel of the community before they sign up.

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Well public and following is slightly different.

Posting to public would include non followers, people without Ream accounts, the quintessential ‘window shopper’.

Posting to followers is a touch more private, they need a Ream account and at least click follow on your page. Like they decided to walk into the store and look instead of window shop! Still free.

So if you want EVERYONE to see, put it in the public window.
If you want curious shoppers to see it, post it where your followers can find it in your store!

Hope that helps

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That’s what I was saying. There’s no public option for posts, it’s either for just followers or subscribers. I would like to be able to write public posts so if I send over readers they have something to see. Right now, it asks everyone to sign up to Ream, which is a huge barrier because most people want to know what they’re signing up for before they give their email address (even if it’s free to follow)


Ahh ok!

I will double check with the team, not sure if you found a bug or I was wrong. I may mistaking be taking about future feature updates or public isn’t working as intended. I also could be plain wrong about community features, because I know you can use chapters in the fashion I described.

But I will let you know ASAP!

I have an answer!

I was getting ahead of myself, you will be able to make Public community messages in the next few updates (30-60days). Right now, non followers cannot see the community tab to click on it, so would require an exact url if it was available to them. So before the snow falls, public post will be available.

Thank you for bringing it up. Please keep the ideas and questions rolling!


Thank you! And yes, I wasn’t sure if it just wasn’t working as intended or there was no public posting feature haha Looking forward to it!

So I checked and public posts are not visible to the public unless the viewer is logged in. It would be great if we can post public posts that’s visible to everyone without them having to sign up to Ream. Asking for someone’s email address is a big deal with privacy issues everywhere and I personally would like to see what a platform is like before having to give it my email address. Thanks!


So currently, if you provide an exact URL for people to go to, they do not need an account. Ream is still working on making it better, but copy/paste the web address to your audience somewhere else and they can still see the publicly shared goods.
Little roundabout, but we’d prefer too secure over not enough.

There is no way to make a community post public at this time. For chapters published publicly, any reader can read them without creating an account. Having community posts be able to be public will come with time. Right now, community posts can only be shared with followers or paid members. This will change soon.


Public posts at Patreon are one of my main means of promoting my fiction, since those posts have blurbs of all my recent stories, as well as links to samples. Public posts at Ream would be even better. :slight_smile: