How Following Will (most likely) Work on Ream

Hello all, it’s Michael here. I wanted to post here to share about what the Ream Team is planning on developing as a feature for following on Ream. This is something we are beginning work on soon and are excited to roll out over the summer months.

Note: I only say most likely in the headline of this post because we’d love to shape our course with this feature based on your feedback, so don’t be shy to share your thoughts with us!

For following on Ream:

  • Readers will be able to follow an author for free and get updates through email on public posts/chapters and followed posts/chapters on Ream
  • When readers follow an author for free, an author will be able to see the emails of all their followers (in addition to having notifications sent to their reader’s emails).
  • Authors will be able to export their followers emails from Ream and be able to see which dates they signed up on their members tab within Ream (your followers will be free members of your Ream, as opposed to your paid members.
  • Authors will be able to set a post or chapter as followers-only. This makes it so that a reader has to follow you (aka give you their email) to get that content, as opposed to a public post that anyone can view.

This is a huge feature update and will be rolled out over a period of time with small, iterative changes that we will announce (don’t expect all of this in one day!).

I wanted to share our plans here first so that we can get your feedback and shape future development in ways that will be best for all our authors.

How following will work on Ream will be different than any other platform in existence and we are very excited about its prospects to help you all connect with more readers, build your communities faster, and ultimately grow your paid membership over the long run. As always, our goal is to be YOUR platform as an author that you can connect directly with your readers on.

We are confident this very highly requested development will take great strides to continue that mission.

In fact, it will allow you to build a one-of-a-kind sales funnel on Ream that you own from the ground up (you get your reader’s emails, and granular control over when you want to require readers to move to specific stages in your funnel to continue experiencing content/stories).

Storytellers Rule the World!!


This is absolutely fantastic, and I’m excited about it! I really like that we’ll be able to have content that anyone (public) can see as well as content that only followers+members can see. This will be a great incentive for people to climb over that much dreaded “sign up phobia”.

My only additional thought right now is providing content settings for users. This can allow followers/members to only see the updates that matter to them. I think this could mirror the “Related To” categories that exist for Community posts. This would be especially useful for those of us who write cross-genre, so readers could sign up to only receive “That One Fantasy Story” + “Updates” + “Time Sensitive Events”.

Think of it similar to segmenting our newsletter readers, or allowing newsletter readers to select interests that then add them to segments or groups.

If this was implemented, we may want one setting that forces an update to everyone in case some kind of emergency or super important update that we want everyone to see (and hopefully would be used sparingly).

Thanks for the hard work.


I really like the segmenting, that is great! Fantastic idea.

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I’m so excited for this, thank you!

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Looking forward to this!

Just so I am clear in regards to content permissions: this means there is “public, free” which is content anyone with a ream account can see; then “follower, free” which only those who are following me can see, then “subscriber, locked” with content restricted to my tiers. And this all applies to both stories and community posts? Y/N?


Over time we will seek to build to this, yes. You got the right idea :). You won’t see all of this go live in a single update, but this is a near future roadmap that we hope to certainly achieve most of in the coming months (by end of summer).


This looks great and I hope the reader analytics section will have this information. :wink:


Very awesome! Thanks for all your hard work on these requests!

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This is absolutely awesome. Thanks Ream team!