Community Page tags

Maybe I’m missing this somewhere, but is there a way to add new tags to our community posts? When I’m posting it gives me a drop down menu for “related to” but I can’t necessarily tag what I want to. I would love to have a tag for ‘community news’ or something like that so that my subscribers can easily find community-wide notices and that sort of thing.


I don’t think there’s any way to add your own community post tags. You could use the “related to…” field, using “Updates” for news or for announcements, you could use “Time-sensitive events”

I agree that it would be nice to be able to add my own. In particular, I’d want to add “Art”, “Celebrations”, and “Progress Tracking” for my page.

Great idea! Thanks for posting it.

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I would also love the option to create tags on community posts!

In fact, I came here today to figure out where the edit options were hiding. :sweat_smile:

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I like this idea and just want some some clarification before I add this to the To Do list.

Are we thinking just some basic category stuff, like; Updates, Book Talk, NSFW, Artwork, RL Fun?
Should we just go Custom tags and let the community go wild with hashtags?
Some other option I don’t know about?!

The more details the better!

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Let us go wild!

I had expected searchable Custom tags, like on Patreon and blogging platforms like WordPress.

In my case, I would use a tag for each of five books (#TPOMS, #FES, #MSO, etc.), a #business tag for anything to do with subscriptions, merchandising, or publishing, and then an indeterminate number of tags for recurring topic categories, like #DeletedScenes, #FanArt, #TacoTuesday, #LeeroyJenkins, #RightImOld… You really can’t have too many hashtags!


I agree with Arden! Every author is going to have individual needs that are independent of other authors’ tags.


Doubly agree. The freedom to create tags that match my community will be important. If you offer standard ones for everyone then it will always feel like a square peg in a round hole. Bad analogy, but the gist is right.

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Totally. I don’t particularly have a use for the current given Categories of “Updates” and “Time Sensitive Events.” Even if I did, I wouldn’t phrase things that way, since it’s not my brand/voice.