Rich Text formats for chapters

Low priority but I’d love to have the ability to use things like headers and strikethrough in texts for story chapters.


This is cool! Definitely something we would love to make happen at some point :slight_smile:



In one story, I have traditionally shown telegram text in a different font. It’s not necesary in that story but is a “nice to have”.

In a future series, I have one character that is a soul trapped in an amulet, so she can only speak to the person wearing the amulet. I have bee using a different font or colour for her “speech” to differentiate from the internal thoughts/replies of the character wearing her. When I don’t have that option, I have to use asterisks, which work, but I like them less.

I understand that readers should be able to choose their own display font overall, but it would be useful to be able to lock select sections to a particular font (or font family).


It’s really going to turn into “Story Crafting” when authors are going page by page locking fonts, coloring text, customizing formats, adding emojis, and imbedding sound clips. all we need is an auto nararator and VR conversion!