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Got any features you want to see on Ream? We do not have a public roadmap since we are a small team and like to take feedback from you all directly on what you want to see next. We will let you know if we are working on the feature and when you can expect it as well as hear from others on what they’d like to see on Ream :).

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Would love a way to direct contact a subscriber by clicking on their name/profile picture directly in posts.


I’d love to see a share button for community posts. Sometimes I want to direct people to a specific post (e.g. a poll) and I’d love if there was a way to be able to share the link so when someone clicks it, it takes them straight to the post without having to scroll through the others that are there.

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You can already share community posts.

It’s this icon

On mobile, at least, you have to click as if you’re going to make a comment to see the icon, which is annoying. But once you know it’s there, it’s great!

Note that it just generates a link to the post. If someone isn’t part of the tiers who can see the post, it won’t show up for them.

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