Posts to Followers and Tier Subscribers

Hi, I’m new to this forum and to the Ream platform, so I’m still trying to navigate through everything. I have a question about the community posts to my followers and tier subscribers. Where does the post show up? Is it sent as an email, or does it appear on my tier page? Thanks in advance to those who answers.

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Welcome to the community board!

The subscribers/followers whom you’ve allowed to see your post will get your post in an email and it will also show up on your Ream page under the Community tab, visible to those you’ve chosen to see it.


Thank you so much! I can’t see from the other side, so I don’t know what they are seeing. It left me a little confused.

I recommend creating a separate reader account then use that to follow your author account. That way you’ll at least see what the followers of your author account are seeing/receiving via email.

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