Alerts when chapters go live

It would be really useful in terms of organisation to get some kind of indication when a chapter is published to a tier. It’s a) peace of mind that everything’s working and b) a sort of reminder via absence if you forget to schedule something. Royal Road gives in-app notifications for published chapters, so something like that would be ideal. (I imagine an in-app notification system would also be useful for subscribers, with comment replies etc. going on)

Two methods come to mind:

  1. An in-app notification or email as mentioned above. This would ideally send an email summary of chapters published for each tier (so we don’t get inundated with notifications/emails if we have multiple tiers or chapters publishing at the same time)
  2. A list of both past and upcoming publications in our author dashboard across all works. Currently I have to go into each individual story and click on each tier to find this information. If I had multiple stories serialising at once, I can see this becoming unwieldy. A universal list showing all published/scheduled chapters in all stories and all tiers would be more accessible and reduce the number of clicks to get to the information I need.

Or both!


Seconding this!

I would love to be able to choose in app vs email, both as a reader and as an author. I certainly don’t want a ton of emails filling up my already ridiculous email inbox (which they do for my existing subscription), but I’d still like a way to see the notifications.