Allow users to enter cost of subscription or add tip

I’m thinking of this similar to how you can pledge to a Kickstarter (or how it used to be, I haven’t been on in a while).

Let’s say I have 3 tiers: $5, $10, & $25

Someone could sign up for the $5 tier but pledge $7/mo.
Someone could sign up for $50/mo and get the benefits from the $25 tier.

Or this could be implemented as a “tip” function, where the $7/mo user would be giving a $2 tip, and the $50/mo user would be giving a $25 tip.

The idea to allow people to give above and beyond the vision that the author has of their own value, and could potentially provide insights into the value that readers put on the subscription.

I may not think anyone would pay $50 for my subscription, but if someone tips me or signs up at that price point, I can rethink my strategy, including talking to my subscribers to see what features they might want expanded.


This is brilliant. Tipping is in our roadmap and something we would love to implement. Hearing you passionately describe the benefits makes me really excited to see what could happen when we bring this to life… eek! No promises on when this will come out, but this is something I find even more interesting to add to Ream sooner rather than later.


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