Queued chapters not publishing according to schedule

Over the past few months, I’ve sometimes noticed my scheduled chapters get out of sync with where they’re meant to be according to my schedule in Excel. I thought I’d just set them up wrong, but last week I went through the process of lining them all back up again and now the chapter that was queued for the 18th (yesterday) for one tier is set to publish on the 25th, when it should have been published by now. I checked the publishing records and the 18th is completely missing for that tier, whereas a tier with the same update schedule published the correct chapter on that date.

Perhaps the scheduled date is somehow being hardcoded at the point of first queuing them and publishing a chapter ahead of them in the queue isn’t reassigning the dates properly in the background?

The thing is, it doesn’t always happen for all of my tiers. It might just be one of them that’s broken. I’ll keep an eye on it to see if that’s the case.

Is there anything I can do about this?

(On a side note, do followers have to be managed separately to the public? I had everything queued up for public releases and followed myself with another email so I could check the notifications came out properly, but I haven’t had anything come through, and the public chapters posted correctly.)


Ream has been seeing a random issue with queuing, and the tech team is trying to figure out the source. It mainly happens when say every tier is posting on the same time/days, randomly one queue gets skipped. In our experience, redo-ing them as you did has been fixing the issue, so we think it might be something with the updates not affecting already set schedules. Again, the team is looking into it.

For your side note, Followers are treated like a tier, Public is not. When you publish public, literally everyone will have access regardless; but with followers you can just publish to them if you don’t select your other tiers.
So are you asking for notifications to all your tiers when you make something public? I can give that to the team to work on if that’s the case. It seems like an easy change, we’re just always conscientious about not bogging readers down with notifications, but it makes sense to have.

Thank you for the feedback, please let me know if I read things wrong so I don’t suggest the wrong thing to the team!


I’ve had this issue with queueing too. I added just one chapter to my serial this afternoon, which was due to go out at 5pm BST. I queued it up, checked the schedule for all tiers, which said 20th August. When 5pm had come and gone, the chapter had only published on one tier, and the rest had it scheduled for the 27th. I pushed it through manually, but I’ve had this happen almost every week on my other stories. I tend to check on release days anyway, but I can see it becoming a pain as time goes on. It’s been a while since those schedules were set, though, so it could be that new ones will be fine. I’ll report back if they aren’t :smiling_face:

Good to know it’s being looked at, thank you! I have a feeling it’s going to keep happening if it’s already done it twice for me, but I’ll keep an eye on it.

For the notifications, it might be good if notifications could go out to all tiers that don’t already have access to the public chapter. I agree that duplicate notifications wouldn’t be a good look. In the meantime I imagine to get notifications out to followers in the meantime, I can queue up all the required chapters for them as well, at the same time as the public tier.

Perhaps another QoL thing for the future: To make it clear that public shows for all tiers, it might be nice if ticking public auto-ticked and greyed out all the other tiers?


Hello Everyone

Not sure if ill reiterate this elsewhere on the forum, but just wanted to let you know something.
In the next 6 months, hopefully sooner, the scheduler is getting a big overhaul, enough to be seen as simply a new system. What we currently have could be seen as a rough draft of a program. Between the persistent hiccups and everyone’s feed back, the tech team is just going to roll out an entirely better one when it’s done. Simpler, more usability, easier to understand


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