Content settings filter

I love the new discovery feature on Ream. I notice we have an option under settings whether to include or exclude the display of mature content. But could we get the option to filter out certain genre or tags from showing up in our search/discovery as well, whether in the search field (e.g. searching for “nonfiction -erotica”, i.e. by using the minus sign to exclude a tag), or to be able to set a list of excluded tags under Content Settings?


Thank you so much for checking Discovery out! We are definitely working on implementing this shortly!

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Just wanted to second this. I don’t mind “mature content”, but I don’t want to see erotica in my feed or even steamy romance, really, so I’d love to be able to filter those out, and so would my audience. When I look at my “for you”, I wonder where the algorithm is even deciding that–almost none of those stories are in genres I read or write. It’s disappointing.

I know you guys are working on it, but I wanted to make sure you knew this is a key thing about Discovery I hope gets fixed really soon. Checking “mature content” on our books (I have one of those) is not the same as meaning it’s full of on-page sex, and readers don’t want those to mean the same thing, either.

Thanks so much.