Home page content settings

I like that my home page show My Stories, Rising Reamers, and Genres. But can we get the option to choose what genres/tags should or should not appear on the page? For example, I have under settings Mature Content turned on, but I do not want a string of steamy romance showing up on my home page. But I still want other types of mature content to show up.


Hi NikaRave!

Thanks for the great suggestion. Our team is working on a complete revamp of the Ream Home Page, as well as our upcoming update regarding Mature content filter.

New filtering for Mature Stories on Ream. Don’t want to see Mature covers or stories on Ream? Good news. We will be updating our ratings filtering system so that readers who opt out of viewing Mature stories will not see any on the platform. When readers create their accounts, they will be asked whether they want to view Mature content or not. For more on how Ream defines Mature content check out our Content and Community Guidelines.

I’ll be sure to add your suggestion for toggling on or off specific genres as well, and it will be considered for inclusion in the update.

Support Team Lead