Details tab: Can only save once, then have to refresh to save again

I lost a significant amount of work I’d done in a Book Blurb the other day because I didn’t realize that the Save button and Save & Continue button weren’t grayed out because I’d already saved the changes I’d made, but that they just weren’t working after my initial save when I was just a few sentences in.

It didn’t warn me that I had unsaved changes when I navigated to the first chapter, so when I went back to the Details tab, most of my work on the Book Blurb was gone.

I’ve been able to reconstruct what I lost, but in doing so, I realized the Save button only worked the first time I pushed it before becoming unclickable. I then had to select all the text in the blurb box, copy it, refresh the browser window, paste the copied text back into the blurb box, and save it that way.

I’m accessing the site using Firefox on my PC. I don’t want anyone else to lose their work in this manner either, especially when “Save early, save often” is a strategy so many of us have learned to use the hard way… and it doesn’t work.