Easily rearrange chapters

In the chapter creation, we can move chapters around, but it’s kind of painful if we add a new chapter and want it at the beginning of 30+ chapters since I can only see about 4-5 chapters on the right side of my screen.

It’d be really nice to have an area in the publishing tab where we can easily move chapters around to reorganize them since we can see the entire list.

Unless I am missing something or another area where I can do this…thanks!


Maybe even having a ‘move to top’ button might be helpful for this too.


I’m going to go the opposite way and say that I’d love a ‘move to bottom’ option.

On other platforms, I add a last chapter to ongoing stories that just says “This series is still ongoing and blah blah blah!” and then keep that chapter at the end.

I haven’t found moving chapters around to be too bad, although I accidentally move chapters all the time when on my phone. But I can imagine if you’re trying to move a new chapter to the top, that could be really frustrating.

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