Unpublish Chapters + Update release and refrence list

First Question: I published a chapter in the wrong tier and do not see a way within my interface to un-publish that chapter in that tier only. Is there an un-publish for each tier? I thought I saw that button as an update. If so, I don’t have it.

Second Question: Is there an update release list I can use to see what is available and when it was a available? I’ve been in the writing cave and I’m oblivious to 80% of what is going on around me. This would help me not nag about something that is already in progress or something that I should have access to but do not.

Thanks for all of your hard work!

(1) Click Edit on the story, then click the publishing tab. Scroll down to the Published Chapters section. You can unpublish from there, just click the action button of the one with the correct tier name.

(2) I can’t speak to Ream’s publishing backlog or roadmap, but a great first step is to search this forum. There are already a ton of great ideas here, but I’m sure you’ll have ideas no one else has thought of.

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