Improve image display in posts

I subscribe to a few artists on Patreon, and part of what I like about how it displays their posts is that I can click on any image to make it bigger (they often tend to be quite high resolution).

I like the fact that Ream lets me embed images where I like in the text of the post, as it makes for better narrative flow, but unfortunately it looks like I can’t click them to make them bigger. I do story-related art updates for one of my tiers and at the moment subscribers are stuck with whatever size Ream decides to make the art. (It’s currently my paintings rather than commissioned art, so they aren’t missing much, but still!)

Would it be possible to make images expand to fit the window (or smaller, if that size would go past the limit of the image’s resolution) when clicked on?


Seconding this!

It would be awesome if the images opened in a Lightbox (or whatever the equivalent is nowadays).