Integration with Email Service Provider?

Hi Ream Team,

Thanks for doing an awesome job. Would it be at all possible to have Ream - especially the follower emails - be automatically added to a Mailerlite group (like BookFunnel does). I understand this will require negotiations/tech integrations, but it would be super helpful!

Right now, I move followers manually - and send them an auto sequence to get them to read the lead magnet and entice them to a paid tier to increase readthrough/sales. If the front end can be automated, it would be fantastic.

Thanks so much.

PS/ not a fan of Zapier… so hoping for a more direct solution.


Hello Tikiri!

Thank you for bringing this up!

So… not going to say too much because I don’t want to spoil surprises or say something wrong, but… Instead of integrating a third party service… What if Ream had its own mailing automation feature?

Hmmmm?.. :smiling_face:

What kind of things would you like to do with that?
Automation geared for authors, included free like all the other tools, ideas more than welcome!

Patrick, from the Ream Team

PS: Yes, I’m serious but have no timeframe on it as a feature!
Disclaimer: I only pass information along and do not control if/when/how features are implemented.


Honestly, I’d much prefer to get my newsletter subscribers over to Ream, where I can interact with them and form a community around my stories.

Tikiri, I assume you’re telling your subscribers that by signing up for Ream they’re also getting signed up for your regular newsletter? How do you make that clear to them? Is this their preference?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what’s working for you!

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I imagine you’d have to let them know upfront. GDPR and all that.

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YESS! This would be fantastic. Bringing everyone together in the same place - Ream - would make things easier…


Hi Patrick,

That would be a very cool solution! If you can provide the functionalities of Mailerlite classic - which I find invaluable - that would be a supremely useful feature indeed.

I’m following the list segmentation-landing page-autosequence-payment formula Joe Solari teaches in the Indie Marketing Mastery course/mastermind. The main and most time intensive workflow is the automation sequences I am building to my segmented lists.

I believe this method is the more productive and effective way to entice and retain readers in the long term.

Emilia Rose is in that course, so she will know what I am talking about. If you could enable those IMM features into REAM, that would be absolutely fantastic. Well worth an upgrade.

Thank you.

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To be clear, Ream always wants to make life better for authors and we’d love to do so by making things easier with email, but we also pride ourselves on an open ecosystem. We have currently integrations with MaileLite and Zapier on the roadmap. This isn’t a now thing, but certainly will happen!


Excellent point. Looking forward to the Mailerlite integration! Thanks so much!