Notifications via email

I’m loving so many aspects of Ream, but it feels like I’m flying blind because of the lack of notifications. I really want to treat my subscribers like VIPs, and this is hard when I’m having to go to Ream to manually check for new comments or replies.

It’s especially challenging when I don’t get notifications of new signups or if anyone leaves or switches to another tier. I think this is pretty important and would really help creators to do what we need to do in order to give our readers the best experience!


I love this, but would like to add that email notification settings should be optional.

I, personally, hate getting email notifications and prefer in app notifications.

If in app notifications aren’t available, I would want to pick which things I got notified for.

I can imagine getting a bunch of emails in a day about comments, new subscribers, etc being very overwhelming.

For example, I get emails for every post and reply in this forum, and I just delete them because I don’t do well with email. Instead, I go through my notifications within the app here every day.

Other people need email, and they should be able to be notified that way.

I hope some of that made sense :sweat_smile:


We are working on rolling more email notifications out to authors based on actions that take place in their Reams (and making these notifications optional, of course). Thank you so much for this feedback. We know it’s super important, and we definitely want to fix this for you soon :).


May I add one more to this suggestion? It would be great to enable notifications for when a reader comments on a story too - as well as everything suggested by Kikimojo above.

Thanks Ream Team. You guys are the best!


I would love to get email notifications for activity. Even for Followers