Integration with Facebook Lead Ads

Just got a great idea at the Future of Publishing conference I wanted to pass along!

Basically, lead ads are a type of ad we run on Facebook that tracks whether someone actually signed up for the thing. We can use it with Bookfunnel, for example - the FB user clicks the ad, goes to our Reader Magnet on Bookfunnel, and if the integration is set up right Bookfunnel tells Facebook whether they actually gave their email or not.

This results in WAY better ad targeting by Facebook, since they can optimize for people who actually sign up instead of optimizing for clicks.

It would be super amazingly awesome if we could do the same thing for Ream! Imagine if we can run FB lead gen ads and Facebook sits there actually optimizing who they show the ad to based on who signs up?


Hi Kevin!

This is an interesting suggestion. I’ve added it to our engineering list to be consideration for a future update.

Support Team Lead