Issue with scheduled chapter publishing and continuous scroll

This is for my story Children of the Wildings Beta Version. These chapters were all queued to publish in the scheduler. The problem exists in the app and when viewing in a browser.

Chapter 13 published last week, at end said “Chapter 15 hasn’t been published yet”

Chapter 14 published on schedule. At end said “Chapter 16 hasn’t been published yet”

Today, Chapter 15 published on schedule. In continuous scroll mode, skips from Chapter 13 to Chapter 15; Chapter 14 is missing

From Table of Contents, Chapter 14 is accessible, at bottom says “Chapter 16 hasn’t been published yet”

I unpublished Chapter 14, republished. This did not fix the problem.

Welcome KiraHalland!

Thanks so much for reaching out and we apologize for our delayed response.

Did you make any changes to your story after creating your story? This can affect your schedule if you add a chapter for example.

Our comprehensive guide may help: How to Publish and Schedule Chapters on Ream - Ream Help Center

Based on what you’ve described, it may be easiest to delete the current schedule (if all edits have been made), and then create a new one using the steps in our guide.

If you have any further questions, and for a faster response, please contact our support team at

Support Team Lead

I’ve also had nothing but problems with the scheduler. After trying lots of things and seeing different “advice” from Ream support every time, I suggest treating it as the broken piece of software that it is and not using it.

I’m going to have to publish all my chapters manually, which is a huge inconvenience, but unfortunately I cannot trust the Ream scheduler.

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What’s additionally frustrating is that this is the new “improved” scheduler that they made a huge deal about.

They made some (IMO) modest improvements, but the scheduler’s confusing interface and the fact that we still can’t trust it are very disappointing.

Although, for completeness, I’ve been checking my 1x per week updating story, and it has luckily been updating appropriately. :crossed_fingers:

This isn’t the first time I believe this has been mentioned, and I assume the Ream team is prioritizing support tickets of this nature.

All the features in the world are useless if it isn’t dependable. And after dependability, I definitely count ease of use high up there on the list. These should have been priorities in building a new scheduler. And the dependability is better, at last for me, but if the user experience is poor, it’s difficult to properly set up the scheduler (even with the help article). Yes, I remember there were other problems, but this makes me question the prioritization of the work.

(I’m a tech lead and application developer working on lean teams at a large biotech company, so I’m talking with a little bit of experience, for whatever that’s worth.)

Sometimes the scheduled chapters don’t post, but I’m guessing it has to do with me updating the chapters and not redoing the scheduler and/or not putting them up in the appropriate amount of time.

Yes, it’s frustrating, yet I don’t have a problem checking them until it’s fixed. I realize this platform and application hasn’t even been in the making a year, so it’s not going to be perfect.

New technology always needs the most upgrades and updates in the beginning.