Manuscrip too large for Google Docs

Does Ream have an alternative to Google in regard to importing a story? I have a 110 chapter story, but Google Doc will only let me have 53 of them in one file. the ‘import’ option in Ream warns that all previous chapters will be removed if I import a second google file, so what are my options to add the 57 missing chapters?

Hi Kindar!

Google is the only option currently for uploading manuscripts, but coming soon we will be adding the option to upload an .epub file.

In the meantime, there would be two options to add your additional chapters.

  1. Copy and paste each chapter into your story and then publish manually. It’s a big job with that many chapters, and we understand that this is not ideal.
  2. Create a separate story and label it Part II.

I hope that one of these solutions will work for you in the interim. Thanks for the great question!

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