Chapter upload feature

The uploading feature for whole novels is great, but some of us are writing serials so don’t have a whole book to upload. When I c&p from any other program, the fomatting gets trashed, and I have to hunt and peck through the chapter for anything I’ve used like bold or italics or bulleted lists.

It would be great if I could “import” just a chapter from google docs the way I can import a whole book. :pray:



You can already do that, its just not automictic, you need to have your document broken up by chapters in your google docs. I know it can be annoying to have 20-30 documents per book, but in my opinion its simpler to use my Docs as the central hub for uploading and storage. Separate it there and its easier to edit, convert, and whatnot. some habitual organization to give you those little nuggets of completion!

Hope that helps!

We’re not talking about the same thing at all.

I am saying that if I import, say, a single gDoc containing 20 chapters of an incomplete story I’ve written, then want to ADD a chapter (or multiple chapters) after that? I cannot upload it from gDocs. There is no “import” feature for a chapter, and once you import a manuscript once, that option is grayed out (which makes sense, to prevent “save overs”). At that point, I can ONLY “add a chapter” and when I do I can ONLY c&p the content into Ream. When I c&p content into Ream, even if it’s from a gDoc, the formatting often gets trashed, and that’s not allowing for human error in c&p’ing.

It would be super convenient for me to be able to import a gDoc as a chapter; or better yet, import a gDoc and have it added to an existing story in Ream.

In fact, your advice puzzles me, because breaking a massive story into separate documents in gDocs would de facto prevent them from being uploaded as a complete story. You can only import a single file using “import a manuscript”, and you have to use header styles to denote chapter separators. I have already done this successfully using a complete novel from gDocs and headings to denote chapters, and it’s a great feature. Worked a charm. If you are using a different system to import multiple files into a single Ream story, please share your secret!


I completely agree. Plus if we currently try to import another gDoc mss into a partially loaded book, it completely replaces everything that was uploaded already. There should be a toggle option to replace all content vs. add content to existing content.


OH! I’m sorry,

My old school habits are showing… I have not run into that issue and did not know about it! Ream knows about it now. I’m accustom to minor work arounds so it just didn’t phase me.

As far as my secret, I am the opposite of professional; using a 1995 Windows laptop, unable to connect to the internet, with Windows Office 2000 and paint for all my stuff. I screenshot, crop, and convert everything I use so I always have an asset. I manually blend pictures pixel by pixel. I use old Nero software to convert anything into anything. If something doesn’t work as intended, I have 2-3 brute force methods up my sleeve…

NERO! Lordy I thought I was old school! You win! :smile: I think the oldest laptop I have (in storage) is Windows XP. I lost my old Windows 1998 desktop in a move, I think.

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Bumping this because I’m having a fit with formatting a new book. It’s being written in chapters as I go, so using google docs is impossible, but when I c&p from any file (scrivener, .rtf, gdoc) the formatting is being absolutely massacred. I submitted a ticket so this specific issue can be resolved, but we really need alternative ways of uploading stories and chapters of stories ASAP. Thank you!