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I emailed Michael and the support team this question, but wanted to find out if someone here knew the answer. Thanks!

I just shared a community post on Ream with links to all the books. I shared this post will ALL members. I realized – perhaps too late – that I may now have given access to lower tier members the books and stories that are exclusive to the higher tiers.

Does the Ream app have a way of knowing and block them? Or will everyone be able to download the books with the links?

Thanks very much.

I just checked out your community post, and the answer is no :slightly_smiling_face:.

I was nervous for a second because if you sent them a download link outside of Ream we would have no way of knowing if they should have access or not, but since it was the link within the books inside Ream, they won’t have access since we gate each chapter based on which tiers you have previously published it to.

So to be clear: Readers do not have access to a story, even if you share a link with them, unless they are a member of the tier(s) that you have published that story/chapters to


Would it be possible for the public to see our story page/public chapters without having to sign up for a reader account? I feel this is driving away potential subscribers because some/most of them will just leave rather than sign up for a site they’re not sure they’re interested in. I’m sending over readers from my Wattpad site and I’d like them to be able to take a look around and give the UI a spin before deciding to commit.

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Oops never mind, I just saw the Ream Author Update 2023 on Youtube

Alt text: Screenshot of deck presentation, emphasis mine—

Following Update on Ream
• Follow Tier
• Emails of all your followers
• Reader profiles with notification feed
• No account required to read public chapters
• Can publish chapter and posts to follow tiers


This is awesome and reassuring. Thank you so much! Super helpful, as always.

I’m so glad you liked this!