Public Community Posts are not Public

I’ve created some stories and set them as public. They show up as expected when I look at the pages using an incognito browser.

However, I’ve made a couple of “community posts” public and they are not visible to the public, or to accounts that have signed up and clicked the follow button.

The community forum posts should be really visible on the author page. All posts should be shown like the stories where you can see them, but if you are not high enough level you cannot read them.


agreed. I’m thinking I have to change all my community posts to be stories (even though they aren’t) so they always show up in each tier…


I would love to see truly public community posts. It would give readers a glimpse into how actively the author interacts with the readers and what their updating schedule might look like, too. I also want readers to see the pictures of my pets I post. Very important. Extremely important the Pet Pic Posts be visible!