Public Community Posts are not Public

I’ve created some stories and set them as public. They show up as expected when I look at the pages using an incognito browser.

However, I’ve made a couple of “community posts” public and they are not visible to the public, or to accounts that have signed up and clicked the follow button.

The community forum posts should be really visible on the author page. All posts should be shown like the stories where you can see them, but if you are not high enough level you cannot read them.


agreed. I’m thinking I have to change all my community posts to be stories (even though they aren’t) so they always show up in each tier…


I would love to see truly public community posts. It would give readers a glimpse into how actively the author interacts with the readers and what their updating schedule might look like, too. I also want readers to see the pictures of my pets I post. Very important. Extremely important the Pet Pic Posts be visible!


This one confuses me. Why call it Public if it’s not actually Public? Who gets to see the Public posts? How am I to entice people to join my membership? My model is more about behind the scenes than releasing content through stories, as I’m a slow writer. My readers need to know I’m treating my community as a blog and hope for it to become a Discord-type location in the future.

@Ream can we get an update on this one?


Hi Worderella!

It is kind of a misnomer and we’re aware that it’s confusing. We will be updating the verbiage that we use in our next update of that area. Our help guide explains it best:

Support Team Lead

I would say Patreon has you beat right now on this particular subscription driver. They show every single post to everyone but blur out the content of the messages if you are not in a high enough tier. That allows everyone to see how much support and communications are going out above their ability to access. When used right that can show the creator is supporting their communities well.


THIS THIS THIS. Show them what they are NOT seeing, so to speak, is a great way to increase curiosity and interest.

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No offense, but Patreon has been around for a long time, and the last time I was on it, chapters still couldn’t post in order. It was a pain to operate.

Ream hasn’t even hit its one-year. I’m sure they’re working on all of these issues.


I agree. I would love to have my public posts seen by all members of Ream instead of just my Followers and Subscribers. Some of my posts are there to entice readers.


Plus one on this. I understand there are some smexy features the Ream team is chasing, but these are table stakes of being a content generation platform seeking to entice readers to pay for content. This really should jump in priority… if authors are pushing their readers to Ream, Ream shouldn’t get in the way of convincing readers to subscribe. The discovery feature is only as good as the critical mass of readers browsing it…


Yeah, there is no point in directing people to my community if they can’t see anything; what will entice them to sign up to ream and follow, at that point?

This and the email formatting issues are what hold me back from sharing Ream links as much as I could, which in turn hurts the platform. Please let us have “fully PUBLIC” posting ability in our communities!


Hi KimBoo,

Thanks for your feedback. While we have already implemented what lartra requested back in November:

It will be a little while longer until we can make your request live. Making Public posts ‘public’ is on our priority list, and our small team is running as fast as they can. Thanks so much for your continued patience!

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